I am a Cuckold Bitch

Cuckold Bitch

I am a Cuckold Bitch - Hi Cuckold Blog, I am a cuck hubby with some experience to share with your readers.

I think you may find that as you get deeper into the lifestyle that many of the things you used to believe you would never do become some of your most satisfyingly decadent duties and fantasies.

I first began getting off on the idea of my girlfriend(s)/wife(s) fucking other men when I was in high school. I had a slutty girlfriend who always cheated on me, but I always cheated on her as well. The hot part was when we would be fucking we would tell each other who we had both been fucking that week. I have gotten off on being "cheated on" ever since. Now all I think about is attached to the cuckold lifestyle. I haven't fantasized about any women other than my wife since we started dating. As a matter of fact, that was how I knew that I was falling in love with her when I began to have fantasies about her being with other men.

My wonderful wife is the best wife a cuck could ask for. Ironically, I cheated on that high school girlfriend with her. We met when we were 17, we're both 34 now. We've been married since 2002. She is a born slut and used to fantasize about fucking other men in front of her husband when she was younger, long before we had ever met!

We got started on this hot kinky lifestyle when she got fed up with me always backing out of it when I would tell her that I wanted her to fuck other men. She simply found a hot guy to fuck and did it. I got mad at first but got over it quite quickly. Over time, as you find your place, the jealousy will fade (with the occasional relapse, especially early on. It can happen later on as well but by then you'll have no control and no choice ).

I consider myself a complete cuckold bitch, as does my wife. Since we have been married she has fucked at minimum 6 guys, some on multiple occasions (see pics). I have seen her make out with another man in public at a friends party and I've listened intently from the basement locked in my chastity cage and smoking my Virginia Slim menthol 120's while she fucked someone upstairs. I have yet to witness the erotic beauty of her with multiple men or the dirty hot joy of eating her well fucked, creamed out pussy. But, I know that it's inevitable that I will. I have no choice or control in the matter. That may be the biggest turn on of all.

I am now an "out" cuckold bitch. All of our close friends know that my wife cucks me. She has told people from the beginning. She didn't want people to think she was disrespecting me by cheating on me.

When I first started finding out about this lifestyle I would read about what people were doing on the internet and say "eww" and "I'll never do that". Yet, here I am. A total cuckold slave bitch to my wife, who now knows that she can literally get away with anything. And everyone that knows us, knows it.

She also reads this site and will read this post. - Gerard


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