Handcuffed Wife

Handcuffed Wife

Handcuffed Wife - My wife Kathy liked John from the moment we met him at our favorite neighborhood tavern. He was a very dark skinned black man in his late twenties, and had a well built sculpted body that showed an obvioous dedication to fitness. His personality was as charming as his looks and my wife had an instant attraction to him. After a few drinks she couldn't wait to get him home and into our bedroom.

We had talked about cuckolding for what seemed like years and Kathy was always hesitant to act on our fantasies. We watched porn after porn movie and talked endlessly about another guy and she would be dripping wet by the end of it. Now finally, she seemed ready and excited!

We invited him over and he wasted no time coming with us. As I sat back and watched in my designated spot, he wasted no time in unzipping his pants and forced her to her knees. She took his manhood into her mouth and became pleasantly amazed as it grew to fill her mouth and stretch her lips. It wasn't especially long, maybe 8 inches, but it was as thick around as a soda can. He grabbed the back of her head and began throat fucking her without any regard for her ability to breathe. That was only the beginning. He refused to cum in her mouth, ignoring her pleas to do so.

Instead he threw her to the bed and pinned her down on the bed with her ass perked in the air. He ripped off her skirt and panties with one swift move. She gasped as she was surprised with the amount of strength he possesed. He gave her a firm smack on the ass and commanded her to get it higher in the air for easier access. His throbbing monster was poised for the attack, teasing her pussy lips. I could see her saliva and his precum dripping off the tip and all I could do was sit back and watch. I was convinced that her pussy would never be the same. He entered her slowly, but with force.

She let out a moan and the look on her face was like she had been punched in the gut. He bagan to rythmically pound her snatch, her pussy lips stretched to the max. Her face fell into the bed and she began to cum within seconds, begging him to fuck her harder. She didn't have to beg twice. He stepped up his pace. Her ass cheeks were bouncing around like water filled balloons and her tits were flailing back and forth like a mad pendulum. I could barely contain myself. My wimpish dick throbbed against my pants. He pulled out for a moment to turn her over and her pussy looked like you could drive freight train into it.

I felt like the inadequate needle dick that I am. He put her on her back and pinned her knees to her shoulders. He reached below her, and grabbing an ass cheek with each large hand, he began to power fuck her once again. After what seemed like a devasting long time, he started to cum in my wife's stretched out, loose cunt. He filled her up within seconds and his seed over filled her aching pussy. When he was done, I had the pleasure of cleaning her up.

John came over again last night and fucked Kathy twice as hard as he did the last time, which I didn't think was possible. He instructed us to have her ready, bent over the couch with her ass sticking out (see photo). And we were ready. Just being like that waiting for John made Kathy wetter than I've ever seen her and he wasn't even there yet! He came over and proceeded to fuck her immediately withouteven saying hello to me. The man has exceptional stamina. After literally an hour of non stop fucking, in which she must have came a dozen times, Kathy was just laying limp, face down on the bed with John pounding away at her red, swollen pussy.

She was cherishing the moment with her eyes closed and a smile on her face as she moved back and forth to John's relentless pounding. his large, low hanging balls bouncing off of the back of her creamy white thighs. He must have decided that her pussy was all used up, because he pulled it out and tried ramming it into her ass. Believe me, that woke her up. But, his dick was just too damn thick. I have fucked my wife in the ass before, but because I have a pencil dick, she always said she didn't even feel it.

Anyway, we didn't have any lube so I ran to the kitchen and got some cooking oil. After he oiled his dick up real good, he ordered her to reach back and spread her ass cheeks even while cuffed, which she did willingly. The sight was incredible as he slid that thick, black monster into my wife's aching butthole.

She took it all like a pro, only moaning in pleasure as he slammed into her, going balls deep in her ass. He finally came and he filled her ass up with his hot seed. Her asshole was so stretched out that it wouldn't close back up and his cum just ran out like a faucet. I tried cleaning her up the best I could, but the fluids just kept running out. Another one of my shirts cleaned off John's dick and he said he would be back next week for another training session. - carl


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