Interracial Cuckold

Interracial Cuckold

Interracial Cuckold - This happened to us a few months ago and has been going pretty good ever since. It is the encounter that, so far, has excited me the most even though no penetration occured between my wife and my friend. The picture is of our next encounters which were awesome but not as good as the first. Is Anything?

My wife and I had talked about her being with other guys for quite a while. I was in the military and gone ALOT so I figured why should she be without just cause I had to be. When I brought it up to her she told me she couldn't do something like that knowing I couldn't be there. After talking about it some more, we had come to the mutual decision if it happens it happens but she wouldn't go looking for it.

Well getting to how she started.... We were at a friends house and all getting pretty buzzed. The topic of head came up and I said I bet my wife could make any man cum in less than 2 mins with her mouth. My wife there listening the whole time. My friend didn't believe me and to be honest I didn't really believe it either. Well he said I will take that bet but my wife said she wouldn't do anything while drinking cause she didn't want to have some BS excuse for doing it.

That night was an utter BUST. Next weekend however we were doing our ritual thing getting buzzed at my buddies but I noticed she wasn't drinking, I asked her whats up completly forgeting about the last time she reminded me by saying if I make a wager like that again she wants to be sure there are no excuses. The funniest thing was HE asked me if that wager was still good. The wife and I looked at each other and I told her it was up to her. After a few minutes of just regular conversation, she looked at him and said are we gonna do this thing or not?

I was instantly excited, he was blown away and she was grinning from ear to ear. He said ok lets go. We went into his living room and I sat down on the couch next to them. She got down on her knees between his legs, had him stand up so she could pull his pants down and examined his cock. She looked at it then looked at me and asked do you mind? I told her no and I think before I even finished saying it she began sucking and licking him. Before I go any further, I have to tell you this guy was not like a huge monster he was average, maybe a little thicker than me.

Ok now I guess after about 45 mins of getting him to the edge then calming him down she finished him off by swallowing his load. When she was done she was giggling like a school girl and he was sitting on the couch just looking at her with a glazed eyes. I lost the wager but got something I wanted even more! Now after that incident she is much more receptive to giving head to guys reguardless of if I am there or not. But if it's full sex she'll wait for me like in the picture we found 2 black men online for our 3rd encounter and they pleased her to no end. That would take me at least an hour to write up but I got no time. Maybe another day. - George


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