She was Fucking Another Guy - My Wife

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She was Fucking Another Guy - My Wife - Guess I want to tell you about my cuckold experience which I got mixed feelings about.

My wife Helen is 40 but still with a great body, nice legs, boobs and ass, blonde/brunette and curvy about 5'6".

I never really entertained any thoughts of watching her go with other guys, but sort of liked seeing other guys oggle her in shopping malls when she was wearing a short skirt or tight shorts.

One afternoon she comes home from work and says her best friend there asked if we could take in her nephew as a lodger for a few weeks as he is coming to town to work and she knew we had spare bedrooms.

I was not that keen but said OK for a couple of weeks.

The guy arrives and he is 22 with a great athletic body, looking to play pro soccer. Helen mothered him for a few days showing him the town. He was very polite and well behaved but I noticed his eyes followed my wife as she moved round the house.

About three weeks after he arrives we all go to a BBQ hosted by his aunt, my wife's friend. While there we met a man named Rich who was a friend of the aunt and he and Helen were flirting all night long. Even the nephew looked at me and asked if I was ok with it. By then I had a few too many beers and when we get home I go straight to bed and decide to sleep in one of the spare rooms.

About 10pm I wake up and hear noises coming from the main bedroom. I peek thru the door and Helen is on her back with legs spread wide and , Rich is just entering her with his dick which looks about half again as big as mine. I'm not even sure how he knew where we lived but I guess she told him.

He is pumping in and out of her and she is coming out with groans of pleasure. I feel my dick stiffening and start to masturbate. Helen suddenly gives out this big shout of ecstasy and pulls her to him as he pumps spunk in her. I come outside in the hallway at the same time.

The next morning they both give me guilty looks but I take Helen aside and say I don't mind if she continues to sleep with him. She looks surprised but wasn't about to turn my offer down.

A pattern got established over the next few weeks, with Rich sleeping in the main bedroon with my wife and he would even fondle her in front of me when we were watching TV or something. He started to treat me (probably rightly)with contempt.

Helen was well taken with him and would do anything for him. He liked her to wear short skirts all the time and have a lot of makeup. He even bought her a French maid's outfit to wear. I have a picture of her being fucked him in our living room in a sexy stockings lingerie outfit he wanted her to wear that night. It is one of 2 times he let me watch and take pictures.

We had some old friends round for dinner - a couple we had known for years and they remarked how happy Helen seemed and younger. Rich went out to the kitchen with Helen to help clear the dishes and then we heard them going upstairs, then the sound of lovemaking on the bed whilst our friends were still there. Our friends didn't say anything but made their excuses and left. I think the story went round quite a few of my acquaintances.

Rich stayed in our place about six months then moved away. Helen was distraught and talked about going with him but I don't think he loved her. My relationship with Helen has obviously not been the same since, and I think she is looking around for another guy.

Looking back I think I was overtaken by events and will make sure the next time isn't so overpowering.



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