Wife Admits to Cuckolding Me and Makes Me a Cuckold


Wife Admits to Cuckolding Me and Makes Me a Cuckold - For a long time i've been sure my wife has been getting some elsewhere, perhaps not with the same guy, but she has definately been putting about. She has denied it for ages. Then last night all that changed!

It all started when she was ready to go out and having a drink with me in the living room, we sat together on the couch and she leaned over, whispering in my ear "so stranger, do you come here often?" I replied "no its my first tme actually, but Im sure I could make it a more regular occurance if I know ill find somebody as hot you here every week." With that she pulled her thong down from under her dress and tossed it onto the floor. "You know my husband is at home right now, probably fantasising about me fucking a stranger with a huge cock and loving it!"

I knew she knew right there. That I had wanted to be cuckolded and to know all about it. My throbbing member was also a give away.

She smiled at me and with that I slid my hand under her dress and began rubbing her clit, I could feel her pussy throbbing and getting than ever with the excitement of pretending I was a complete stranger. She then leant back rubbing my hard cock through my jeans. "why don't you come and push that up in my aching pussy, give me something to tell my husband about!"

With that I climbed between her legs and pushed my cock into her soaking pussy. "I'm a total slut!" she kept saying, "fuck me like I'm your whore!" I loved it I was so horny I nearly shot my load, but she pushed me off before I had chance. "No No!" she said "I want you to be horny and fantasizing about this all night!" Desperate to fuck her I did as I was told and sat back down on the couch. Soon after the taxi was beeping outside, she kissed me quickly and then left. After she was gone I realized that she hadn't put her thong back on!

All night I was dreaming about what she might be up to, then at 2:30 in the morning she called my mobile. I couldn't hear anything at first and then the faint sound of her groaning could be heard, her groaning got louder and louder and I could hear the groans of a guy coming through the phone too. I was so horny listening in on it. Then she started talking to him "fuck me like a whore, I'm your slut now, I want you to fill my pussy with your hot cum!" It was so intense I had trouble not cumming. As the screams became louder she finally let out a huge moan and the phone went dead!

Half an hour later she was knocking on the door, I opened it to see her standing there, her hair in a mess and her dress twisted. "did you like that?" She asked, I just nodded speachless. She pushed me inside the house and lay herself back on the couch, opened her legs and pulled up her dress.

"Feel the inside of my legs baby." I did as I was told and run my hand up the inside of her leg, by the time I got as far as her knee I could feel the sticky slippery feeling of a man's cum. I looked at her shocked and ashamed, but at the same time more excited than I had ever been!

"Kiss my cum covered thighs baby!" She said smiling at me. I did as she said and could taste the salty spunk on my lips, it was such a turn on, she just lay back, moaning appreciatively. "kiss higher she said" I began licking and kissing all of the cum from her thighs making my way slowly to her fucked pussy, I could see it glissening with cum, as my tongue ran over her labia gently I could taste the strong flavour of his cum.

"Thats it baby, lick up every bit" I did just that, sucking the cum from her clit and pushing my tongue up inside, at this point what seemed like an entire load of cum ran from her hot pussy, over my tongue and into my mouth. "swallow it for me babe, show me how you appreciate what I've done for you tonight!" So I did, and carried on sucking and licking her clean as she began rubbing her high heels over my hard cock and the whole experience beacme too much, I came all over her shoes.

She pushed me away and I sat in front of her looking at her smiling menacingly at me. She told me to take her shoes off and clean up my mess, SO I sat there infront of her, her lovers cum all over my face, licking my own cum from her shoes. She smiled at me and said,

"I hope you enjoyed that baby, because Danny has agreed to meet me again next week. You see, I deserve it."

With that she stood up and went upstairs, on her way up she told me to stay there until I had licked up ever drop of my cum and her shoes were shining. By the time I got to bed she was fast asleep!

The picture below was taken during our foreplay during a second meeting with my brother which is a long story I might tell next time. - Greg


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