Wifey - A buddy of mine let me know about a week ago that he really wants to fuck my wife, and was pretty much asking my permission, when she is drinking, she gets really horny, just wondering if I should arrange a "drinking" party with my friend, and whether or not I need to do anything to "encourage" her to let him fuck her brains out, she is pretty hot, I will try to attach a pic, but more or less wondering, if I should let her know my intentions, OR start miixing the drinks that I know will get her hot and naked!!

I gave an email reply and got this response.

Hey, sorry I haven't gotten back before now, but yes, I did get her to do something with my friend, we all went out to dinner and had a few drinks at the restuarant. It was still early on a friday night, so I decided to throw some logs in the fire pit and start a fire to help break the chill of the night, and we sat around and drank, and caught up with the latest happenings. After about two hours, the wife was feeling the effects of the mixed drinks I had been feeding her, and with a little encouragement (very little) began to get flirty.

We live out in the country and our pit is not visible from any roads or the neighbors, so soon we had her dancing to the songs on the songs on the radio, after a few false strip teases, my buddy finally dared her to go all the way! I almost came in my pants when she actually started taking clothes off, she had a pair of jeans and kick off shoes on, so those were the first to go. when she got down to her bra and panties, my buddy jokingly took out a ten and held it out to her, I couldn't believe the way she was dirty dancing over to him to get it, and as she leaned in to get it from him, he pulled it back and shook his head, no, no, no, as he motioned to her bra, it was like I was dreaming, everything I wanted to see from my wife was right there in front of me, with a buddy I have known 5 years longer than I had my wife.

As she took her bra off, she went around behind him and draped her bra around his shoulders, danced back around in front of him, as he held the money out not touching, but between her tits, she leaned back a little and slowly lowered his hand to the brim of her panties, buy this time I had moved my chair back into the shadows, but with the light of the fire still had a great view. she continued to give him his own dirty dance, lowering her tits cloes to his face, he opened his mouth, and she sat on his lap, as his lips closed around my wife's tit.

For the next several minutes or maybe longer, for me it was as though time had stood still, I could see one my best friends, with his lips around my wife's tit, trying to pull her panties off!! Through the haze of the fire, and the chill of the night (as I had moved away from the fire's heat) my mind raced, with a cocktail of emotions, delighted at seeing my almost naked wife in another man's arms, but a touch of jealousy, knowing that he and I have been friends for over 15 years, and at the same time, wanting to see him actually fucking her!!

I could tell by the way he was moving in the chair, and how she had lifted herself up, that he was getting out of his pants, once his pants were off, I saw them kiss, deep, passionately which I must admit caught me completely off guard, that and the fact that they were both totally oblivious to the fact that I was there, but then again, I had talked to both of them seperatley about something like this happening, but then it all seemed 100 years away, a "it will never happen" from her, and an "i don't know if I could do that with my best friends wife" from him.

But now right in front of me, here my wife was completely naked by the light of the fire, close to midnight, clear skies, beautiful starry night, and now my friend was down to only his t-shirt, sucking on my wife's tits, and kissing her like she was his girl!! After the kissing, I saw that she was starting to get up, at first I thought, oh, she's coming around, she's going to get up and go into the house!! WHOA! was I wrong!! she only got up enough to get down on her knees in the sand that surrounds the fire pit, I could feel my own cock hardening, and at the same time, I was in disbelief, as watched her slowly stroke his cock, from my point of view (which was in front of him, and behind my wife, fifteen feet or so away) it looked as though she had looked him straight in the eye as she lowered her mouth over his hardness! The jealousy bug hit again for a minute, as I thought she doesn't look me in the eye when she sucks my cock!?! I couldn't really see the size of his cock as the only light was from the fire, but the site of my wife's head going up and down, as she sucked his cock, and I could hear the slurping, and his groaning, I thought I was going to cum right then and there!!

She continued to suck his cock for sometime, t'ill he finally began to moan faster and I could see him with is hands grabbing my wife's hair, pulling her down, as he tightened and moaned, he yelled out, oh yeah, oh yeah, come on, suck my fucking cock, or words to that effect ( I am sure you can get the idea) I could see him arch up out of his chair, and hold her by the hair, and could hear muffled noises coming from her, I knew he was letting his cock seed go into my wife's hungrily sucking mouth, she has only swallowed my cum once in the ten years we have been married, but I swear that that night, she emptied his balls into her mouth and swallowed one of my best friends load of cum! (the jealousy bug hit again, but I was so excited watching her sucking his cock, that feeling quicly faded!!).

When he had finished, he slowly pulled her up and they kissed again, but not another word was spoken. She grabbed her clothes and excused herself, and I assume went to the bathroom, to do whatever women do after someone cums in their mouth. As he dressed, nothing was said between us, as I threw some more wood onto the fire. After a minute or two, I said hey, i'm going to get another drink, you ready?? he kind of chuckled and said yeah, just bring the rest of the bottle out. After about maybe fifteen minutes or so, my wife (now fully dressed) came back out to join us, it was really kind of funny, because none of us said anything about what happened only a half hour or so before, but instead, turned the radio up, mixed up some more drinks, and continued laughing and joking like old friends.

The next day, it was like nothing had happened the night before, we all went out to breakfast (more like mid morning brunch), came back to the house, him and I worked on my truck (he helped me change the u-joints and replace the ball bearings in my truck) my wife would come out, and ask us if we needed anything, and made sure we had drinks, and enough to eat. But nothing more was said about the night before. Now, we (the wife and I) are heading up to spend a few nights at his place, about an hour away, and I am not really sure what to expect, BUT, part of me ( a BIG part of me) wants to see them take this another step forward, and even not really knowing what is going to happen, I am going to purposely 'forget' to bring condoms, just in case!! - Rod


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