My Sexy Wife Getting Ready for Her LOver

Sexy Wife

My Sexy Wife Getting Ready for Her LOver - I suspected my wife was having an affair. Interestingly though, I was excited and not upset.

She works at home entering data from a market research company on to a PC. She receives batches of questionnaires to enter 2 or 3 times a week. Originally these were delivered by a regular distribution company. Lately, however, they are brought round to our house by the local area manager, her boss.

One day I had to go to the local DIY store during my lunch break. The route from my office to the store takes me right past our house. As I passed the house I noticed that my wife's boss' car was parked outside. Nothing unusual, I thought, he is probably just delivering some questionnaires. I was surprised when, on my return journey, some 40 minutes later, the car was still there.

Not being one to seek confrontation I did not mention this to my wife but I did start driving past the house at lunchtime on quite a regular basis. More often than not his car would be there.

Around about this time I noticed small changes in my wife's behaviour. You know the sort of things I mean. She was slightly off hand with me, not that interested in sex and the new underwear she bought was just a little more racy than usual.

By now I was convinced there was something going on and I was determined to find out what.

A few weeks later I managed to borrow, through a pal of mine, one of those covert CCTV cameras. It had what they call a pinhole lens which I was able to discreetly install in a light fitting in the bedroom. I linked it to a time-lapse VCR which I hid in the loft. I set the whole thing up to record 48hrs on one tape and left it running.

The next Tuesday I drove past the house at lunchtime and sure enough his car was there. Knowing that my wife always goes to gym class on Tuesday evenings I could not wait to get home from work and have a look at the tape. When finally she left the house at about 7.30pm I was straight up to the loft to retrieve the tape. I brought it downstairs started to play on our TV.

Sure enough, just as the video time stamp turned mid-day my wife and her boss came in to the bedroom. Although the picture quality was crap and the time-lapse missed most of the action it was clear the he was doing a lot more than just delivering questionnaires!!!!

It was also clear that my wife was really 'going for it'. She was a lot wilder, adventurous and downright slutty than she has ever has been with me. It was also perfectly clear that her boss is a pretty impressive lover; a fit well built man and about ten years younger than me. I could not fail to notice that he was also very well endowed, about 8 inches and pretty thick, in fact probably about twice my size!! He fucked her good and proper for the best part of an hour including doggie style which has always been something off limits in our relationship, my wife saying it makes her feel dirty. On this occasion she was loving it!!!!!

The really strange thing about all this is the way it made me feel. I had always imagined that if I caught my wife cheating I would be the enraged, jealous husband. Probably punch the guy's lights out, give her a slap and cast her out of the house penniless. Not the case!! I found it very erotic and real turn on, in fact as I finished watching the tape I realised that I had a throbbing hard-on. I re-played the tape and masturbated until it ended.

My problem now is how to get to see more of the action. There is no way that, even if I had the courage to ask, my wife would allow me in the bedroom to watch. Besides, there is an extra thrill in knowing that she thinks she is cheating behind my back. I think the answer maybe be to get hold of a miniature webcam, if there is such a thing, that I can install in the bedroom without her knowledge. I could then watch the recordings on my PC or even log on and watch live whilst I am at work.

So I guess that makes me a cuckold now? I read all the stories here and got very aroused and would picture my wife in their places so I guess I am. So be it then. I can't ait to see more of her with her boss. I have also sent in a picture of my wife that I took of her in her sexy night something? Lingereie? Nightie? Whatever LOL. - Rick


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