Hot Wife Tells Her Cuckolding Story

Hot Wife

Hot Wife Tells Her Cuckolding Story - This seems to be the right site for what I am about to tell you. I am a leggy, size 8 wife to a wonderful husband. Although my sex life with my husband is fantastic on the vanilla side, we have a kinky side too.

When he kept on and on about me teasing him I eventually gave in despite not being keen at first. I am now trying to find more and more ways of teasing him beyond his expectations. I like to bring him to the edge and then deny him, all night long if possible, although sometimes he has blown his load when I tell him of my past boyfriends, something that worried me at first. My favorite way to tease him is great fun for me. He has always nagged at me to play with myself in front of him, with fingers and vibrator. I bought a rabbit and have kept it hidden from him, then after blindfolding him and strapping his hands to the bed I stripped, describing to him what I was doing, "running my fingers over my newly shaven lips" etc.

Then I did use a vibrator on myself in front of him - but he couldn't actually see it!! Then, when I was satisfied I let him lick it clean and told him that may be the only way he gets to taste me that night. Eventually I had to give in to my own needs and let him tongue me, He was allowed a wank whilst I ate the breakfast he made me in bed. Rather than be embarrassed about his fetish, he told his best mate in front of me one drunken night in about how he loves me to tease him.

His mate laughed and said something along the lines of wouldn't mind himself blah blah the usual not funny lines. One thing led to another and after more drink and a bit of flirting and daring, he got me to tell Paul, my husband to strip off and get down between my legs, God I must have been ratarsed to have agreed to it. Long story short but I ended up wanking his mate whilst Paul licked my fanny, I let him cum over my thighs and some even landed on Paul's cheek. He seemed to revel in that, I just couldn't understand why, I still don't really. When me and Gary had finished we sat back and Paul wanked off whilst Gary lighthly rubbed my thighs and strayed onto my fanny "by accident".

I told him he wasn't to clean his cheek until he'd finished wanking. I thought the next time we met Gary it would be awkward but he just carried on as usual, didn't even mention it. I could feel I was looking blushed but he ignored it. Paul has mentioned that we let him into our sex life again, but next time properly. I don't know if I could, not with Gary anyhow ;) but have to admit that cuckolding Paul is begining to feel attractive. I hope you enjoy my story of cuckolding hubby and my picture. I know Paul is going to absolutely love this. - Rachel

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