Cuckold Bull Takes My Wife at a Party

Cuckold Bull

Cuckold Bull Takes My Wife at a Party - It happened nearly 5 years ago. We were at a friend's New Year's party in his rambling country manor house. It was about three in the morning and the party was winding down and I was getting tired so I left the kitchen, where the few guys were still drinking, to look for my wife and get off to bed.

As I wandered down the passage I noticed one of the doors was slightly ajar and a faint light was shining out. I pushed the door further open and looked in. The sight that greeted me was almost as in the pic except that the guy was white. This picture is from our 3rd encounter with another guy but I am getting ahead of the story. I was so shocked that I immediatly stepped back in to the passage. I am sure neither of them saw of heard me because I was there for several minutes and nobody came out of the room.

As I stood there a whole range of emotions swept over me. First was an intense jealousy. Next was a feeling of impotency and weakness that I did not have the nerve to go in there, smash the guy's face in and drag my wife off to bed. And then, to my complete amazement I realised my cock was rock hard.

I have never said anything to my wife about this incident and I still do not know for certain whether the guy fucked her but what I do know is the next time we screwed it was fantastic. At least it was for me, I certainly had the distinct feeling that she was thinking of someone else!!!!

Up to this point I had had my suspicions that she was fooling around but this was the first time I actually caught her in such a comprimising position. I have caught her several times since, although she does not know, and I have to admit that I always find it an incredible turn on.

When I finally did confront her we went though a bumpy few weeks until we calmed down and decided to keep things as they were. I wanted her to keep fooling around and she loved that I liked to watch and so started our cuckolding. We have had 4 different guys up t'ill now. - NewCuck


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