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Cuckold Wife gets Frisky at a Bachelorette Party - My wife went to a bachelorette party years ago. We were just starting to fantisize about other people at that time, so I told her to have a great time if she knows what I mean and she did! She came home pretty late and drunk. I was waiting for her watching TV and she came in with a big grin on her face and laid on top of me. I asked her if she had a good time and she whispered yes. Before she told me what happened she started playing with my dick and getting it hard. She then told me that this guy got completely naked and was swinging his cock around and was daring women to get him hard. At some point my wife had a handfull of his cock and balls and played with his ass as well. By this time my wife was riding me and my heart was beating, she told me that when he took a break he asked her to go to the bathroom with him. At this point I was so excited and yet jeolous and starting thinking if she actually fucked him in the bathroom and was I getting sloppy seconds all over me, but she said that she did not go with him but was very tempted but she knew to many people at this party. All I can say is that she was horny when she got home and I got the benefits. In away I was hoping that she would of at least gave him a blow job and then came home and kissed me. It was great! She has another one comming up soon and I'll tell you how that goes .... - Ron

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