My Wife is Dating Younger Men

My Wife is Dating Younger Men

My Wife is Dating Younger Men - My wife has been dating a 25 y/o who is a co-worker and they flirt quite a bit. They have been going on dates every so often, however nothing has really happened, I've let Her know that if She did want to have some fun with Him i.e hand job, blow job, it would be ok with me.

Somehow She is still holding out. Although this time I think She may be considering it. She's admitted to thinking about it to me, so I know She has considered it. Putting it to practice might take a little more. I'll see what happens this weekend.

We have been married 4 years and one of our great turn ons, is that I will tell her to dress sexily and put a blindfold on at a certain time. I then come home, and without saying a word enter the room she is in. Slowly, with only our breaths as sounds, I will strip her naked.

Spending time to stare at her and touch her intimately. FInally when we can endure no more I will fuck her. Afterwards I leave the room and she can remove the blindfold. It has always been me that goes into the room, but the anticipation she has that it is somebody else drives her wild. I do not smoke, but will sometimes take a puff just so that it is on my breath and she thinks it is somebody else. The times I do that she comes instantly so I hope she'll have some fun with him soon before he leaves town for another job! She has 2 more weeks left.

I a sending a picture of her as well. It was taken before she met me by her Ex who really wanted to see her give a friend of his a BJ. She said she had a great time doing it as she fancied his friend and wasn't really in love with her Ex to begin with. The Ex loved it and took this picture while watching.

When they split she kept all pictures of herself and when I came across this one for the first time my dick nearly split my pants open! I showed it to her and she laughed and explained what it was. I then probed for more details and we ended up having HOT sex that evening, and next morning. I still look at this picture a least once a day. That's really how we started thinking about cuckolding. Your blog BTW is helping her along. I read one story to her every night before bed and she becomes soaked! - ManfredTed


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