Wife Making Me a Sissy Cuck - Almost


Wife Making Me a Sissy Cuck - Almost - I love watching my wife making love to other men. We did this a couple of times in a swingclub where she at one point pushed me away and sucked and fucked a couple of other guys while I just watched. She was so hungry at that point!

Lately I've been playing with her in bed and satisfing her with a black dildo. Most of the time she loves it when I fuck her with the dildo and lick her pussy a the same time. She gets really hot from this as she pictures a black cock in her while I have to lick around them.

Lately we have been checking out pics of well hung black men and when we do she gets really wet. She denies it, denies that she gets aroused by watching them but the wetness in her pussy streams right out. A couple of days ago we looked at such pics again and she got hot.

After we had incredible sex with the black toy and I introduced my idea once again of wanting to see her fuck a big black cock. She says she doesn't want it but watching her watching pics or movies gives me another answer altogether.

Last night I told her again I wanted to see her fuck a black man and she told me if I found one 'maybe' she would do it but she didn't seem gung ho about it. She already knows I get verry horny when we talk about it. We are getting close and in no time I believe her desire for it will overcome any hesitation she might have. I can't wait for the day but know I must be patient. In the meantime I am still fantasizing about it everyday and have a picture of her to send along. - CuckedOut


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