My Wife Orgasms with Other Men


My Wife Orgasms with Other Men - After a lot of talking about it, my wife agreed to let one of our good friends "play around" with her. We didn't set anything specific, but let things just fall in place. She agreed to let me take her clothes off, if "the mood was right".

He had no clue we were doing this. After a few drinks at our home, and soft music to dance to, I started to slowly remove her clothes. I'd dance with her and slip a piece off and then he would dance with her. It took nearly an hour to get her down to bra and panties. When I removed her bra and exposed her 36 C's, he nearly passed out. She hesitated taking her panties off, unsure that she wanted to be totally naked for the first time with someone else.

Finally with only gentle encouragement, she let me remove them and she stood before the two of us completely naked. More dancing and she started to remove our clothes, one piece, one dance at a time. When we were all naked, she surprised both of us by dropping to her knees and sucking both of us.

I never guessed that she would suck another guy so quickly, especially in front of me. I asked if she wanted to move to the bedroom and she asked me if I wanted her to, I told her it was ok with me if she wanted to. She said she did and took our friend by the hand and led him to the bed. I indicated to him that he could do what he wanted as long as she was agreeable. I watched as they expored each other and then as he slid into her. It was one of the most erotic things I had ever seem watching him take her completely and to watch them both climax. To make it even better, I was able to capture the whole act on film. We have pictures of them from start to finish. I can only send you one of them though as my wife would never allow herself to be identified and I wouldn't break our trust either. It still is a turn on for both of us to go back to that first time. - Robbie


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