Cuckold Wife Likes Being Spanked


Cuckold Wife Likes Being Spanked - **Wriiten to cuckoldvideoclips 7 April 2007 - My wife, Laura, wasn't really interested by sex, we just drifted along, the usual, house and 2 kids at school.

The last few months has seen a remarkable change in her. She wants sex all the time, her clothes and underwear has changed, which made me think Im not the only guy....but get this...she always wants to do it doggie style and have me spank her ass as we go. Sometimes this is fun, but sometimes I'm wondering whats going on in her head. Id always fancied the idea of her and another man, but never brought it up becasue she was so vanilla. Whats going on?

** Written to cuckoldvideoclips June 29th 2007 - It's been a while. These last few months have been such an emotional rollercoster. Yes she was having an affair. It had been happening for a few months before she eventaully admitted it. Some guy from work. I knew before she told me, the signs we so obvious, especially looking back. She was so much more adventorous in bed. They agreed to split up...and we gave it a go for a couple of months.

I used to ask her constantly about them, where did they meet, what did they do. At some point the hurt was replaced by curiosity which eventually turned to excitement. We even introduced it into our sex talk.

It really began to turned me on, knowing my wife shared her pussy with another guy. I asked if she missed him. She did a bit, but just the fun side of things. She still saw him around work. I found myself telling her how much it turned me on and I'd like them to rekindle the affair. It took a little persauding but now they're seeing each other again.

My wife is happy with the arrangement as she enjoys seeing her lover without having to go behind my back. She tells me everything so Im a happy cuck and he gets to enjoy my wife. Early days but it is working for us all. Not sure how long this will last but we're certainly enjoying the sexual thrill. Thanks for your initial response webmaster and here is a picture of her to post on your blog. - Mark


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