I Have Finally Been Cuckolded by My Wife

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I Have Finally Been Cuckolded by My Wife - I have been begging my wife of four years (pic attached; sorry it is from a phone), for over a year to start fucking other guys, but she felt a little uncomfortable about it. Then she met this twenty year (she is 27 and I am 32) old fire fighter that was originally from Russia, through her cousins boy friend, and every time they got together he would flirt with her!

She told me if I did not stop asking her to fuck other guys, when I came home from work one day (I work out of town, so I am home for a week then gone for a week) she was going to tie me up in the closet and make me watch him fuck her. So I challenged her to go for it, and told her she wouldn't have the guts.

Just this weekend i came home in the afternoon to find her waiting for me in a sheer house coat, matching thong, and a pare of hand cuffs. With out saying anything she took me up stairs striped me, cuffed me to the closet organizer, gagged me, then hid me with clothes and turned off the light, so I could see in the bedroom but could not be seen. She then said that I should not have challenged her, and now I had to watch, I instantly got hard.

Ten minutes later the door bell rang, I herd talking and then I saw her lead him in the bed room. she took his clothes off and started sucking his huge cock (at least 11" and she couldn't close her fingers around it). This drove me crazy, I loved it! He then proceeded to fuck her in many different positions for the next two hours, finishing her off four times. I got soooo horney watching this young guy ravage my wife I couldn't wait for my turn.

When it was over she asked him to let himself out because she was tired, and told him she would see him next time I was working. When the door shut she came over uncuffed me and asked me how i liked that. I said i loved it, got her down on the floor and went for sloppy seconds, and then thirds a few minutes later.

I love being cuckolded and just wanted to share my story. - Jim


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