My Wife Wants Another Man's Dick

Hot Wife

My Wife Wants Another Man's Dick - Let me begin this by saying that for the past ten years my beautiful wife and I have been active in the swinging lifestyle. However, it was always an activity we enjoyed as a couple. Last year, while I was away in a business trip I had the opportunity to set up my wife with another man who I had met online. It had always been a fantasy of mine for her to have sex with another man and tell me all about it over the phone while I was on one of my frequent business trips.

Well my plans worked out very well as while I was away on my next trip my wife met with this man and to my great pleasure they hit it off very well. They not only had great sex on the day of their initial meeting but on several subsequent meetings there after. To my great delight they even video taped there fun and sent the tapes for me to enjoy. As soon as I saw the tapes I realized why it was that my wife agreed to a second meeting. Not only was Dean the man she was having the fun with built much larger then I, but he was a very attentive lover.

It was only after I had left on my next trip that I realized that my wife had decided that she could not live without Deans Dick. I loved the fact that she had had fun when I had set it up but when I found out she was sneaking around behind my back to see him I went nuts.

My anger blinded me to the fact that no matter how mad I got I always had a raging hard on whenever I thought of them together. We went through a very rough spell for awhile but today we are even stronger then ever. I canít tell you how many times I have pleasured myself while watching the videos of the two of them together.

My wife also knows now that anytime she wants to get me going all she has to do is remind me of how much fun she had with Dean and how she loved his dick and wished mine was as big as his. I can only Dream of the day she finds another dean to please both her and me in the long run me.


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