Man Fucks my Wife


Man Fucks my Wife - We met a man on AFF, after many e-mails a couple picture swaps and a few phone calls it was finaly time to meet. We met for drinks where we seemed to get along great but he was a perfect gentleman and just acted like he was making new friends. This was great for my wife as far as feeling comfortable. After about an hour he left but soon called on the cell phone to ask if we would like to stop at his house to visit some more. We really liked him so we went right over where we had another drink and visited more but after about another hour we went back to our hotel room because we knew he had a previous engagement. We talked about calling later that night but were afraid of interrupting so waited until the next morning.

We asked him if he wanted to stop by our hotel room and he said he would right after he showered. Well we discussed how we wanted things to go when he got there and Annie (my wife)wanted me to just watch so when he arrived we just sat around chatting for quite a while. I decided that maybe if I wasn't there they would feel more comfortable so I went for a walk, It was really hard to stay away and came back in in about 15 minutes but they were still just talking. I made a crack about them being slow starters and he being ever the gentleman told us that even though we all knew why we were there he still had a little problem with hitting on my wife right in front of me. Annie told me that maybe it would be easier if I was gone for a while again. Well I stayed gone for about a half hour and when I came back in the lights were off and I could see clothes on the floor from the door. When I peeked around the corner at the bed I could see Rocky's nude body on top of Annie. She was naked too and they were having a long wet kiss while their hands roamed over each other. I took a seat in the corner and watched as he slid down her body spending quite a while sucking on her 36C tits and hard long nipples. He slid down farther and teased her by kissing and licking all around her mostly shaved pussy. She just leaves a little trimmed patch above her clit.

He slid back up and they kissed passionately for a few minutes. She had her legs wrapped around him and I could tell she was trying to hump her pussy onto his hard cock. I caught a glimpse of his cock when he slid back up to kiss her and could tell whe was really going to like it. My cock is about 8" long and fairly thick, his was only about 6" long but really really thick. I thought they were fucking by the way she humping up to him but he soon slid back down and this time didn't tease, she spread her legs wide and he dove in, tongue fucking her and licking up and down her cute little pussy. She was playing with her tits and moaning so much I thought the hotel staff would notice. My wife doesn't come very fast unless her clit gets alot of intense attention when she gets close but he didn't seem to mind licking her for a long time, he kept her right at the brink for a half hour before he finally let her come. She was bucking her hips so hard I couldn't believe he was able to keep his mouth on her pussy. When she calmed down he just kept licking her juices up until she was getting excited again but she reached down and ran her fingers through his hair and told him to come up to her, they kissed again for a while and then rolled on to their sides still kissing and whispering to each other. I could see her humping against his leg and they were stroking each others bodies. I wondered if they were done or what was going on when she rolled over toward me and asked me to go get them some condoms. It turned out that he hadn't had a vasectomy and she didn't want to chance getting pregnant. It didn't take me long to drive a couple blocks to a convenience store and back.

The young lady at the counter noticed my hard on when I sat the condoms on the counter and turned beat red. When I walked into the room this time she was on top of him moving back and forth while he played eith her tits. I remarked that they obviously couldn't wait but she was just rubbing her wet pussy back and forth on his cock and hadn't let him penetrate her yet. I handed him the condoms and he quickly put one on. Annie move forward and right back down on his cock throwing her head back and moaning loudly, she started really grinding down on him and came again on his cock. They then rolled over with him on top and kept kissing and moaning as he fucked hard and fast. I heard him whisper something to her about cumming and then he fucked her so hard I thought the bed would brake. They were both moaning really loud when they came together. They rolled onto their sides again, this time with his cock still in her as they petted and whispered to each other. After about ten minutes they broke their lovers embrace and he got out bed. He cleaned up and asked us to call later and left. I took off my clothes and got into bed and kissed her and told her how beautiful she was and how much I had enjoyed watching her. She said it was a little hard to focus on what she was doing at first with me just watching but she got over it and really had a good time.

She rolled on top of me and I put my hard cock in her. I asked her if she liked his cock and she told me that she was surprised at how much she liked the way it felt in her. She said it must have been because it was so thick and curved up, that hit just the right spot. She told me that I was going to have to let her fuck him all the time now. Just the thought of her having another steady lover and the fact that I had been close to coming for the last two hours made me come so hard I almost passed out. It was one of the greatest sexual adventures we have ever had. We fucked two more times before falling asleep that night. We both can't get enough now. I can't wait for us to get together again but this time she gets her threesome fantasy, I can't just set back and watch again. - The Husband


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