My Hot Wife Story


My Hot Wife Story - Ann and I were both 23 and had been married for 1 year. We had been dating and having great sex since we were 18. She is 5'6", 115, blonde, blue. I'm 6"1", 165. We have a VERY active sex life and have been talking about having another guy join us for a threesome, and she seems to get turned on by the idea. I might add she knows I'm Bi and that I've had sex with guys.

Now I have to tell you that Ann gets very turned on by seeing a guy in white briefs. When we are home alone she insist that I just wear and walk around in my white Jockey briefs. If she sees an advertisement of a guy in briefs, or just the waistband of another guys briefs above his waistband, she's either grabing at my cock or shoving her hand into her pants to finger her clit.

Well this summer we hired the neighborhood guy Josh, a few doors down to help paint the outdoor trim of our house. He was home from college for the summer and was glad to get the money. Josh was out side our kitchen window on a ladder and all you could see was his body from the neck down, hairless chest, cut off jeans and the waist band of his briefs with the word JOCKEY and the inverted Y all around . I called Ann in, showed her the sight and asked if she wanted to do the 3 way today? She smiled at me, shoved her hand into the fly of my Jockeys and said "Fuck Yes, He is hot". (Josh is the all American boy type, blond , blue 6', 170, etc). I put on some shorts, went outside and told Josh to come on in and cool off and have a beer. He loved the idea and came right in. Ann went to get us our drinks and I came right out and told Josh that we were looking for a 3 way, and wanted him to be the one. His eyes bulged and so did the cock in his shorts.

Ann came back with our beers, and to both of our suprise, was stripped, pussy ass naked (WOW). She sat back on the chair and we both sat on the sofa. We sipped our drinks and Ann told us to strip down to our Jockey briefs, which we quickly did. She called Josh over and as he stood in front of her she started licking his cock and balls through his briefs. He got immediatly hard as I already was. She called me over and told me to peel off Josh's briefs and suck his cock to get it nice and wet to silde into her cunt. I tucked the waistband of his Jockeys under his hairless balls, licked them, then took his cock (identical to mine 8" uncut) peeled back the skin and sucked him in. Ann then laid back and said "I need to get FUCKED". After Josh and I took off our briefs, I dove down and ate her very wet pussy as Josh shoved his thick cock in her mouth. After a few minutes, I grabbed his smoooth balls, pulled him out of Ann'a mouth and said "Go for it dude, pound this slut with your big thick cock". He wasted no time and had her legs over his shoulders, slid back his long foreskin and shoved it right into her juicy cunt. They then began to fuck like crazy, I went up to their heads and they both took turns sucking my cock and balls. Seeing his young smooth ass pumping up and down between Ann's legs and both of them moaning I lost it and stroked off a hugh load of spooge over both of their lips and faces. Seconds after that they both groaned and I knew Ann was cumming by the way her body trembles and Josh's ass cheeks tightened and he yelled out "Oh Fuck" and I knew he was dumping his cum deep into my wifes pussy.

After a short rest and another drink we all went at it again. with MANY variations (we discovered Josh is also Bi) so he and I had some fun as Ann watched and paticipated, and he asked if we would mind if he invited his 18yr old brother to join in with us in another session, to which we both said "Bring him on". After that Ann said she wanted to see me suck off Josh, witch I readily agreed to and sucked another load of spooge from this stud.

We did meet with he and his brother, so if your intereste in hearing more let us know!

Kevin & Ann



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