Our True Cuckold Story


Our True Cuckold Story - Lynn and I have been together for about four and half years now. From the moment we met each other we fucked like rabbits. It wasn’t that far along into our relationship that we let our guards down and started talking about our inner most thoughts and desires. She told me about how she liked women and how she had been with them in the past. Like most guys, this wasn’t something that would even come close to bothering me. Lynn also told me that even though she liked it, this was something that was usually brought on by her ex-boyfriends. What it boiled down to was she had desires as well, and wasn’t shy to let me know. Not that I wasn’t enough, but a group of guys pleasing her at once was something that crossed her mind more than once. In fact, embarrassed to tell me, she talked about her secret fantasy about being gang raped by a bunch of guys she doesn’t know. I let her know that this was perfectly normal, and even though I had never done such a thing, the idea rested calmly with me. This made Lynn feel good, and wasn’t shy to let me know how she felt about it all. The fact was, even though she enjoyed it, the main reason she slept with the girls all stemmed from making her boyfriends happy. After all, she felt it was her turn, and who could blame her.

It wasn’t but a couple of months into our relationship that I realized how serious Lynn was about living out her fantasy. A friend of mine who I worked with at the time put on a party which Lynn and I attended. She had a few drinks and unbeknown to me proposed the idea of helping me pleasure her to a couple of my co-workers. This didn’t upset me, but like them, it shocked me. I then understood how strong her desires were. Even though they acknowledged support for the idea, when it came right down to it, nothing happened.

Now realizing the veracity of the situation, I thought it best to go online and see if we couldn’t take care of her. We met a couple of guys online. They we’re young, good looking, clean, and eager. It was time to set a date. We agreed to meet at a local bar, and take it from there. Lynn was ecstatic! When we got to the bar, she couldn’t stop shaking, but after a few drinks, and a couple of hours of waiting, the mood quickly shifted. Where were they? They never showed. Thinking that they got scared and chickened out, Lynn and I went back online and found a guy named Todd. He was a bit older than the previous kids, but seemed more determined. Lynn thought that maybe two guys and myself might be too much for her at first, and maybe this Todd guy was just what she needed. We agreed to meet at the same bar in which we we’re to meet the kids at, but this time, he showed. We had a few drinks, and agreed to head back to our place.

We we’re in the living room having drinks and getting to know each other, but it wasn’t long before Lynn pulled of her clothes and started sucking Todd and I off. As much fun as it was, we all thought it best to go to the bedroom. As we got into the bedroom, I remembered that I had left the condoms in the living room. When I got back, it didn’t seem to matter to either one of them, Lynn was already riding Todd and she looked hot. We swapped off a couple of times, and it wasn’t long before she had me cumming. Todd looked like he was having a hell of a time, and fucked her for good twenty more minutes before cumming all over her ass.

Later that week, we found out that those two kids we we’re supposed to meet earlier, never did chicken out, but our plans of where to meet got mixed up. They wanted to know if we could try to meet up again. Even though the thought intrigued us, now was just not a good time. After the whole Todd thing, we we’re a little worried. After all, in the passion of everything, she forgot to put on a condom. So like anyone would do in our position, we got tested, and not just once. All and all, it worked out fine. We we’re clean. Over the next couple of years, the closest we would come to fulfilling her fantasy would revolve around drunken nights watching porn. It seemed like we we’re having sex less and less. I knew she still loved me, and still found me attractive, but I also knew she was getting bored with the same old sex routine.

It wasn’t till an old friend of ours came down to visit that I remembered what a horny girl she was, and remembered the fantasies she talked to me about. In fact, he was one of the guys she had proposed the idea to a few years back. It was at that party we went to when we first got together. We of course celebrated his arrival and had a few drinks. It wasn’t but a few hours after he had been at our place that she started whispering into my ear about how she wanted to fuck him. He had gone outside to smoke a cigarette when Lynn grabbed my cock, and pulled me into the bedroom. We started making out, and making out big time. She hadn’t kissed me like that in years. She told me to go get our friend and to meet her in the bedroom. I was quick to react, but when outside, I didn’t know how to bring up the topic. The fact was, I wasn’t quite sure how he felt about the idea. However, I didn’t have to do much talking, as we looked into the house, there was Lynn, butt naked, waving for us to come in. It was pretty clear as to what she wanted. We came in but our friend seemed nervous. Lynn ended up having to put her clothes back on, but she wasn’t deterred. While in the kitchen, we talked about sex and our sex lives. Our friend told us about how he’s not very sexual, and that the last girl he was with couldn’t even get him hard. Lynn of course, took this as a challenge, and was eager to prove that she could get him hard. I left them alone in the bedroom for a good ten minutes, but when I walked in, he still wasn’t hard. Surprised and frustrated, Lynn looked like she needed a little help and some good coaching. It wasn’t too long after I stepped into the picture that our friend was hard and had Lynn riding him on top. It was then that I don’t know what came over me, but something told me to lube up my cock and slip my dick in along with his into her pussy. She had never done this before, and in fact we had never even talked about it, so when I slipped it in and she screamed, my first reaction was to take it out. After all I didn’t want to hurt her, but that wasn’t the case. The scream was a scream of pleasure. She told me to keep going. She had never felt this way before. She loved it, and we knew it. If the moans didn’t give us a clue, then surely the juices poring from her cunt would. However, her joys would be short lived. True to form, it wasn’t long before our friend got soft, and the whole experience had come to an end.

A couple of months went by, but I could still remember the sparkle Lynn had in her eye when our friend came to visit. Eager to see it again, I decided to fulfill her fantasy once and for all. Remembering her rape fantasy, I thought that maybe I could go online and set something up myself. I obviously wouldn’t have her raped, but the element of surprise was what it was all about. Through my excitement, I couldn’t keep a secret. I eventually told her about my plans. Shocked but not upset, now that she knew, she wanted to be part of the process. Over the next few days, we started sending emails, and exchanging pictures. At the same time this was going on, we decided to get a membership at a local swinger’s club. It wasn’t so much to swing or anything, but we both wanted a place to hang out where we could lie out and sun bathe without any clothes on. Little did we know what that would lead to.

It was a Sunday afternoon. Lynn had just got out of work. We decided to go down to the club, and catch a few rays. After some sun, she asked me if I wanted to fuck. After all, we we’re at a swinger’s club. With the sun on my back I slipped down and began to lick her pussy. I then felt a tap on my shoulder. It was a guy asking if he could watch. Lynn and I told him he could as I slipped my dick into her pussy. As we fucked, I glanced over my shoulder only to find four more guys watching as they stroked their dicks. It wasn’t long before a dozen guys and one chick were all watching us. One of the guys decided to take it upon him self to come over and start kissing her. At first she didn’t seem to mind, but it wasn’t long before he kept shoving his tongue down her throat, which made it hard for her to breath. She then decided to flip over, and have me do her doggy style. This would keep the guy from suffocating her. Little did she know that this would encourage guys to come around and try to get blowjobs. By the time I was finished, she must have sucked on four dicks. Needless to say, I was surprised. I didn’t know she had it in her. We then went down to the bar, where I was even more surprised to find out that she got all four of them off. I didn’t see it, but each one spewed all over her face and her hair. Not only did she not mind, but she also said she liked it.

The sun was setting. I figured we we’re done having sex, and that we would be leaving the club soon. I didn’t know how wrong I was. Lynn leaned against the bar and whispered to me that she wanted to have sex again. Being a true guy, I wasn’t about say no. Hand and hand, we walked up to one of the rooms where a couple of guys were jacking off while watching porn. We walked around them and to the beds in the back of the room. She pushed me on the bed and started sucking me off. It felt good, but I needed to fuck her, so I did. It wasn’t long before the room filled with guys watching and stroking their cocks. One of the black guys got gutsy, came over, and Lynn started sucking him. This got some of the other guys excited and provoked them to come on over. Before I knew it, a bunch of guys are surrounding Lynn while I fucked her. With a dick in each hand and me in her pussy, she made the announcement that anyone who wanted to fuck would need a condom or they wouldn’t be fucking her. I’ve never in my life have ever seen guys scramble so fast for something. In a blink of an eye, six of them had condoms in hand. The guy next to me put his on and was ready, so I moved aside and let him slip in his big fat black cock into her. As he did, I watched her eyes roll back into her head. She had never been with a black guy before, and she wasn’t minding it. As he pounded her pussy, she stroked my dick, stroked another black guy’s dick, while sucking on this Latin guy’s cock. We all switched around, and it wasn’t long before she had guys cumming. One, two, three guys spurt all over her face and tits. She then asked us to switch off. Five of us took turns back and forth, fucking her for not more than thirty to sixty seconds each. One of the black guys asked if she liked to be double penetrated. I told him she did, but not up the ass. So we tried, but with the size of his big black dick, and roughness of the condom, it just wasn’t going to work. That didn’t seem to bother him too much since not to long after he pulled his dick out of her pussy and spewed all over her stomach and tits. She then said she had to take a piss. As she walked off to do her thing, I figured we were done. I couldn’t have been more wrong. After she was done pissing, she called us into the other room where the five of us who were left went running into. We took turns fucking her as she sucked and handled the rest. As I was fucking her doggy style she sucked the two guys in front of her, and at that point I had to flip her over and cum all over her. This got that last two black guys excited, and they weren’t too far behind. She tilted her head to the right as he squirted his cum all over her face and in her mouth. She spit it back up and continued to lick his dick with it. She then felt a couple of drops on her left side, so she turned over stuck her hand under the other guy’s balls, and stuck her tongue out as if she hadn’t a drop of water in a weeks time. Sure enough he came all over her face and down her tongue. She licked her lips with it, smiled, and once again, spit up the cum and licked him with it. With her face shining in the midst of cum, she took a towel and tried to wipe herself down. I use the word “try”, ‘cause she couldn’t stop quivering. She then had us cuddle around her and gave us all kisses thanking us all for a wonderful experience. Truth be known, she’s the one that should be thanked for making us all feel so good.

However, no good deed goes unrewarded. On the car ride home, she told me she climaxed about thirty times, and was still riding high. So with the wheel in one hand, I slipped my hand up her skirt and finger fucked her till we got home. I couldn’t wait any longer. She was moaning and groaning so much. I pushed her seat back, pulled up her skirt, and fucked her some more. Her pussy was still so juicy. With high heels braking everything on my dashboard, I banged her harder and harder until I pulled my dick out and spurt my cum all over her clothes. This night was one I’m sure we’ll never forget. (The picture attatched is my favorite pic of her). - Lynn & hubby


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